January 21, 2021

Dating app based on your Spotify profile

Alexandros Panayi @sosa067

There's been dating apps for virtually every nice possible, due to the rise of Tinder. We have a dating app for Kanye west fans, for gamers, there's been a brilliant idea thrown here with podcasts.

I've had this idea for a while, which is a dating app based entirely on people's Spotify profiles. The app would match or provide you with potential matches, based on your Spotify trends, what you're currently listening to, what you listen to the most, etc.

It sounds like I can very easily niche this down and find a target audience, so from a marketing perspective (which I'm not very good at), it sounds like its pretty direct.

What do you guys think?

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    No offense, and I mean this in the nicest way possible, but you've completely misunderstood romantic/sexual attraction dynamics in the dating market.

    Women aren't going to date a guy just because he listens to the same music as her.

    On the contrary, he could even listen to music she hates, as long as he has other things going for him, or sometimes even one other thing going for him.

    Things that she cares about, not music taste.

    And dating apps have to cater to women, otherwise you have nothing.

    The women bring the men.

    If I were to design a dating app, I'll cater to the women by introducing height verification, income verification, face/identity verification (already exists), and also social media verification.

    That way you reduce the # of low-quality men from the male side, you inspire trust and confidence on the female side, and you also reduce spam on the female side, since high-quality men are less likely to patronize their OnlyFans or do paid chat on cam with them.

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      I respectfully disagree. Music taste can be a proxy for a lot of someone's personality. If you are a 30 y/o that listens to italian opera and you truly care about it, that seems like a unique point in which people can bond over and it can be tough for people to find similar people without going to a concert and being an extrovert to meet people. I think a lot of passionate music listeners have a tough time communicating to others how important music really is to them.

      Your point may ring true when it comes to generic, pop, mainstream type stuff, however, I think there is an huge niche of people that have a unique taste and would absolutely love to find people who care about that same niche thing so passionately as they do.

      Is music taste the end all be all of human attraction? of course not. Tinder is based on looks, are looks the end all be all to human attraction? nope.

      I love this idea, but it's all about truly understanding who those people are that might use it and how to leverage scientific side of dating apps to make it a success. I'm not even the target market, but I listen to country music and live in a big city without many people who like country music, so when I was single that would've been kinda cool to try out.

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    Bring MySpace back with dating features :P

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    I really don't think this would work.

    I had another idea for a dating app though:

    It's called "Above Average": Only people who are above average height in the country they are in get to join it. A variation of this would be to only apply this limitation to guys.

    I don't know if it would work but;

    1. It would for sure trigger a lot of people and get press.
    2. A lot of women say that they want a guy that is tall or at least taller than them, and my impression is that women are the restricting factor in most dating apps.
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    This is a great idea!

    It's already been done, e.g. by Tastebuds (https://tastebuds.fm), but there's certainly lots of opportunity to find new niches.

    You might want to start with a specific audience first and work from there instead, e.g. find musical communities where lots of people end up dating other fans of the genre - maybe metal, etc. Or start by talking to those communities about what they want - maybe they'd love to find a gig buddy more than a partner (which can grow into romance later).

    Basically, make a landing page and see if you can get people to sign up to the concept before you build it - that's the real test (I've learnt this the hard way!

    I used Tastebuds years ago when I was looking for a partner, so here's some feedback from a user, if that's useful:

    I was very enthusiastic to sign up, and selected all my musical tastes etc, but there was a relatively small pool of people on the app (I have wide ranging tastes so it may just have been me, but I had no issues on other apps), and one of the big challenges of an app focused on musical taste is that comparatively small differences in taste seem like chasms - e.g. if you like Billie Eilish and I like Taylor Swift, that can seem quite different, even though we might both be into the genre, and the average person on other dating apps is (by definition) likely to be way less into music than us.

    So a focus on a musical niche/genre might be a good way to overcome that, as everyone starts with a common focus already.

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      Also i'd definitely be keen on a non-romance based app, e.g. gig buddy, based on your Spotify library, as it's hard to find people with a similar music taste. Interested to see what you come up with!

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    I think the best idea for a dating app in 2021 would be to make an Okcupid clone like it was in 2010 instead of a niche dating app. They completely messed up their product, turning it into a Tinder clone but with a worse experience. We know the Okcupid model works and no one is doing it right now.

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    There was one about podcasts on here the other day where I wrote a long answer here, most of this will also apply here

    What I'm thinking about this is that some of the major apps already let you link their Spotify and I'd be interested in finding out if they not already use parts of that information in their algorithm or if they have determined that it's useless.

    If they do already use it I think it's a strong indicator that it makes sense but at the same time I'd be surprised if this alone gets better results than a more holistic matching algorithm

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    I do not think its a new idea and I'm sure I've heard about it in a startup meetup long time ago.

    Quick google search revealed this as well:

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    It's a cool idea that could give you some press attention.

    Reality however is that it's pretty hard to have an active dating app. Getting a good ratio of male/female is one problem. Getting enough people from a certain persons region so that they keep interest in the app is almost as hard.

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