Day #002 & #003 of #100DaysOfCode

Hi Guys,

Finally finished the tutorial from Brad's YT video.

It's currently deployed on Netlify with a form that's actually working (that was super cool). I'm not posting that link because I basically just followed Brad.

Now in the coming days, I plan to rebuild the whole thing from scratch using only Google and perhaps taking a peak at my code if absolutely necessary.

I'd also be taking some extra inspiration from Heroku's current website and tweaking the end product a bit.

When that's done (and I honestly don't know how long that'll be), I'll post the link here.

That's it guys.

Talk 'morrow.


PS; Learnt about CSS grid columns and rows and how it can be used to do awesome s*** with layouts. Sooo cool.

Also had first contact with CSS animations using @keyframes and I'm mind blown. I knew you could do stuff with CSS, I've just never actually done it. It was really fun!

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