April 20, 2019

Day 19 of #The100DayProject

Today was day 19 of #The100DayProject , where I'm making steady progress starting a non-profit to help fight climate change.

I normally do Target 2030 work in the evenings but tonight my daughter had a fever so I've been looking after her and not had a huge amount of time, here's what I managed:

  • I replied to a few emails and tried to reschedule the meeting that was cancelled a few days ago
  • I started thinking and writing down ideas relating to funding models for Target 2030. I'll share some more on this soon, but essentially I'm trying to find a way to 'add value' for donors beyond the warm fuzzy feeling of charity/helping the planet. The thing is, if you believe in the inherent value of charity you do/will donate to important causes, but that shuts out lots of people who expect something more transactional i.e. I gave you money, give me something tangible and immediate in return. I want to find a way to include those people at the same time as helping the planet/climate!