April 22, 2019

Day 21 of #The100DayProject

3 weeks into #The100DayProject where I'm trying to start a non-profit in 100 days. It was a bank holiday today so I managed to carve out a decent amount of time for things for a change :) Today I undertook the following:

  • Something akin to competitor analysis (I've done a bit before but had some things I wanted to check today). I don't think there is such thing as competition when it comes to helping the planet, but there are certainly many other non-profits in this space that are trying to inspire donors. I looked into the main propositions and areas of activity of several similarly minded groups.
  • Looked into sustainability calculators, there's quite a few out there to be honest but I'm thinking of doing something with my own take on it, very focused on the year 2030.
  • Drafted a meetup group for climate change in my area. There currently aren't any climate change or sustainability-focused meetups in my city, so why not start one!
  • I reached out to several friends about the project to get more feedback and hopefully support going forward, and I also replied to several emails. Correspondence is surprisingly time consuming, but I personally think valuable. I did a quick count and I've actually written around 3000 words just through email and chat with various people today!