April 28, 2019

Day 27 of #The100DayProject

Today was day 27 of #The100DayProject where I'm taking baby steps towards starting a non-profit to fight climate change. Here's what I found time for today:

  • I drafted a timeline that outlines what perks are on offer to donors, when. As mentioned in some previous posts, I'd like to ensure there are tangible and direct benefits for donors other than simply seeing their money spent on environmental causes. The thing is, these aren't all going to be available from day 1, otherwise I'd never launch, so I've created a sequence based on a.) feedback from friends/family on what were the most appealing perks and b.) lowest complexity to deliver value soonest.
  • I replied to a couple of emails.
  • A friend had forwarded me a marketing presentation they felt I might find useful so I read through that. Most of it felt quite familiar, but still some solid advice in there and certainly helpful :)

That's it for today!