April 30, 2019

Day 29 of #The100DayProject: The night before signing

Chris @blunicorn

Day 29 of #The100DayProject and I did a few little things alongside the day jobs. Tomorrow's the big day though :D ...

  • I reread the paperwork that I'm signing at the notary's office tomorrow.
  • I listened to a podcast about Climate Repair with Sir David King, former Chief Scientific Advisor to the British government, on talkingpoliticspodcast.com. Listen to it...it's awesome, all the episodes are to be honest.

That's it, tomorrow's an exciting day, it will be great to finally get the legal stuff finalised (though painful for my wallet) and then I can really start motoring ahead with other practical things like banking and payment processing etc to properly prepare for taking donations.


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    Do you feel like you are on track with where you want to be?

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      Good question :) I think the answer is yes. Some of the setup has been slower than it might have been in the UK, but given my availability for the project and the 100 day timeframe, I'd say I'm on track. 30 days in and today the foundation paperwork is finally submitted via the notary, the next month with be most practical things around setting up for taking payments, creating the website properly (though it will be still somewhat light), and then the last month will be hopefully a mixture of a.) last bits and pieces with the site and b.) reaching out to people in my network to start drumming up donations!

      The MVP for 100 days is basically:

      1. Have formed a charitable foundation (legally speaking). Status: Complete :)
      2. Create a website with shows the clear primary motivation and function of the foundation, as well as detail a roadmap of what would be the expected evolution of it if certain milestones are met. Status: In progress.
      3. Having at least 10 people donating. Status: Not started properly, but I have got verbal commitments to donate from several people already, so hopefully promising.

      And aside from that I've also been making lots of great/interesting contacts and thought of lots of other interesting post-mvp directions for the project, which was an unexpected bi-product of the endeavour.

      Definitely learning some interesting lessons that I wouldn't have if I weren't sticking to this timeframe/doing a little each day. I'm going to try and write a longer post about it when the project ends :)