April 6, 2019

Day 5 of #The100DayProject

Chris @blunicorn

I haven't been including the quotes from IG here, but this ones seems pertinent for IHers :P

“Much of the infrastructure of the internet, one study showed, could be drowned by sea-level rise in less than two decades; and most of the smartphones we use to navigate it are today manufactured in Shenzhen, which, sitting right in the Pearl River Delta, is likely to be flooded soon, as well.”

from The Uninhabitable Earth, by David Wallace-Wells.

(and yes, I know it's only 'one study', just saying y'all)

Today was day 5 of #The100DayProject where I'm attempting to start a non-profit to fight climate change, in 100 days.

Today I focused on donor/donation related tasks ( @joshdance will be pleased to hear). It felt like a super positive thing to be doing, but also a little intimidating as reaching out to my first prospects will mean going out of my comfort zone. So, here's what I did:

  • I created a list of 55 prospective donors in my network.

  • I created a conversion pipeline for the first prospects (in notion.so). It will likely be quite a laborious process at first i.e. picking up the phone and chasing people, but hopefully over time things would be more 'self serve'.

  • Reviewed payment processors for donations and reached out to a few people for advice in this area - including on IH in a separate post fyi.

  • Defined the tone of voice of the brand. <<< It's an interesting topic this, I suspect some IHers would see it as trivial but for a non-profit where you're really making an appeal to people's consciences and emotions it's important to get it right and to be consistent. It's also going to prove helpful for me going forward as a lot of the 'output' of the non-profit when campaigning for donations will be content-based.

You can see the 4 tones on todays IG post:


Also, thanks very much for those of you who have reached out to me with advice and/or thoughts on IH or IG so far, it's been helpful already and it's only day 5 :)


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    Your target.20303 Instagram account is an excellent example of good branding and messaging. I'm looking forward to seeing the progress of your #The100DayProject.

    1. 2

      Thanks @pkafei , it's reassuring to here that from a digital marketer! :-)

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    Yessssss! Love this update. Awesome work!

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