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Day 6: More incremental progress from #The100DayProject

I'm now 6 days into #The100DayProject where I'm attempting to build a non-profit organisation from scratch to fight climate change.

I've been doing family things all day (which was great, I might add!) so I didn't manage to contribute quite as much as yesterday, but I did a few things nonetheless:

  • I installed & activated Woocommerce for my Wordpress install (haven't done any of the proper setup yet, for those that know what I’m talking about)
  • I created an account with stripe.
  • Drafted the sitemap (hierarchy of pages) for target2030.org and
    created the pages in Wordpress (no content yet, they’re just placeholders).
  • I then created the main navigation and a draft for the website footer too. You can go have a look, it’s pretty boring for now, just links to nowhere! haha.

And I'm off on holiday tomorrow, busy day traveling and getting settled tomorrow, but after that I'm hoping for quite a productive week as I won't be in the office 8 hours a day!

Here's today IG post:



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