March 23, 2019

Day 7: I shipped my MVP in 7 days thanks to you!!

Elijah Murray @elijahmurray

Hey everyone! Wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who's supported me over the past week–it's been fast and furious, but I couldn't have done it without your help, feedback and support.

A week ago when I asked if people would use my next project, I never thought I'd actually get my 20 pre-signups. Well, I did. And here we are 7 days later and I just shipped my very first product on ProductHunt!!

Big thanks to everyone for helping me stay motivated.

Would love your thoughts👇, but regardless, THANK YOU.

  1. 1

    Congrats! Just upvoted for you on Product Hunt. I just shipped a product recently ... pretty much running a marketplace via email to test out an idea.

  2. 1

    I always wonder why you guys run PH campaign so early and on your own?

    1. 1

      There's both an advantage and disadvantage to doing it - it really depends on what your product is, and what stage it is at.

      In my case, I'm in stealth, our product doesn't look that good, and it's currently only open to one country. So, launching on PH wouldn't make sense for us ...

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