April 9, 2019

Day 8 of #The100DayProject: Saving time later

Today I was busy holidaying, but I did some idle work after dinner, something a bit mindless but that will save me time later in the project :)

So, today I was 'content banking'. By that, I mean flipping through books and my notes on my laptop to catalogue quotes on climate change, as well as scouring the web for images that I can use in future posts on social media.

The images and the quotes are broken into categories e.g. cities, glaciers, green energy, recycling, pollution, land. Hopefully in the future when I want to share something poignant and topical from a messaging perspective I’m not scrambling for visual content to accompany/illustrate it in places like Instagram! The more of this sort of content I have stocked up the more I can focus on the important parts of the messaging.

Having the 100 day project as a commitment is genuinely having the desired effect of keeping me motivated at the moment, well that, and our planet is in trouble so I guess we should try and do something haha.

Today post on IG for those following the project: