April 10, 2019

Day 9 of #The100DayProject: Blackholes & Progress

Chris @blunicorn

When many of us got our first glimpse of a black hole today, accompanied by a swath of ludicrous statistics (e.g. it's 55 million light years away!), we rightly felt a little insignificant. To some it will frame our earthly concerns about war and peace, wealth and poverty etc as somewhat pointless. I reject that nihilistic viewpoint, in fact, I would argue that it serves as a timely reminder of the beauty and complexity of our universe, of which we are arguably the finest specimen (at least in evolutionary terms).

We knew black holes existed and they are actually fairly common, on the other hand, we are yet to find evidence of any sentient/'intelligent' life anywhere in our universe but our home, planet earth. Human's have spent millennia in recognition of our subservience to mother nature, but equally our unique place amongst it. But then, in the space of a few hundred years, we discovered we could plunder the earth and attempt to rebuild it to suit our ends. Well, our ignorant bliss is now over and we face our reckoning as a species. Do you want to sit idle and allow the pinnacle of evolution, perhaps one of the greatest examples our universe has to offer, destroy itself? I personally don't.

I don't know if I can do much as an individual to effect climate change, none of us can alone, but not trying at all is infinitely worse. If we can find ways to act collectively to effect the change we need, then we at least stand a chance.

Okay, musings over. Today was day 9 of #The100DayProject where I'm trying to start a non-profit that will bring people together to fight climate change. I spent the day contacting people/companies. Here's what I did:

  • Contacted 3 notaries to try and arrange an appointment to discover the legal formation of Target 2030. The previous ones I had contacted weren't right in the end, but I've got a good lead from today and have a phone call tomorrow to discuss the details :)
  • Reached out to a contact for some financial advice/recommendations about how best to structure the organisation. Arranged a call in the coming days.
  • Exchanged emails with a couple of IHers who are also interested in fighting climate change. They'd reached out to me having come across some of the Target 2030 posts and are interested to collaborate if it makes sense. I'll be pursuing that a little the next few days to see if our skills and interests align - you can't have too many people interested in stopping global warming :)

That's today, feeling very ill actually so hoping I'm well enough to do something tomorrow! Here's today post:


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