Day in the Life Vlog (Building my SaaS)

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    Any reason for spending money renting office space instead of building it in your home (assuming this is a bootstrap) ? Also, good luck with the vlog. IMO, the key to grow subscriber base is to add some useful info along with project updates, like some tidbit about a tech problem you solved uniquely or some new tech you learned and keep the updates consistent and regular. There was this indie game dev series (I think it was called ThinMatrix), who documented his whole video game dev journey and I won't be surprised if many of his initial customers came from his devlog audience.

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      Thanks! Yes, two reasons: 1) I can focus more when I’m out of my home and 2) because of the studio

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    I was just searching for videos like this the other day! Great stuff, keep it up!

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      Thanks! Will do 💪

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    Hey Mike, good stuff. Thanks for the transparency and sharing your numbers. Have starting watching your other videos on YouTube too ;). Cheers!

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    Cool. It was interesting, man. I like that)

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    Great stuff Mike. Inspiring to see somebody sharing their numbers so transparently.
    Kudos and wish you all the success. Looking forward for more videos like this.

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    Exceptional insights related to building a SaaS product that provides the fuel to drive great communication and innovation. Thank you for sharing.

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    Great video Mike! Loved the variety and deep dive into the numbers. It's always great seeing someone be so transparent. Cheers!

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