Day One Without Twitter

I 100% don’t expect to be able to keep this up, but I deleted Twitter from my phone today. It has caused far more negativity than positivity over the last year plus.

But also, it’s been a companion (read: addiction) for almost 12 years. So, we’ll see.

I wanted to document what I’ve seen and experienced as I don’t have Twitter readily available.

Today, in my downtime (moments as short as 30 seconds to fill up my water), I’d reach for my phone and look for Twitter. Without the app there, I quietly slid my phone back into my pocket.

In my real down time, I’ve found myself actively seeking out blog posts to read. And when I’ve found something I would normally share, I struggled with what to do with it. So I downloaded Pocket for the first time in years and have been saving the content there. I will likely use Twitter’s API to share stuff like that as well as my own content in some creative way at some point soon.

This feels like a lot of learning and adjustment in just one day. Let’s see what day two is like.

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    It's an interesting exercise you're undertaking, keep us posted with how you go. My thoughts are that Twitter should be a tool to accomplish a goal. It's not a good use of time in and of itself.

    So you should always set an objective to why you use Twitter, and then work towards achieving that. For example, it could be to raise your professional profile, generate leads, for community networking, etc. If you define the objective in absolute terms (e.g. increase followers, generate a certain level of lead click throughs, have connection success with a target group), that will help focus your time, and you'll be less likely to spend hours just scrolling down your timeline!

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      So true! I think the first step is breaking the addiction cycle, then making Twitter more utilitarian like you’ve described. Thanks for the encouragement.

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