Twitter November 16, 2020

Day Three Without Twitter

Justin Hunter @polluterofminds

My hope is that I will forget to make these posts because I am not thinking about Twitter at all anymore. However, the biggest struggle I'm having without Twitter now is maintaining the small audience I've built and growing that audience.

I mentioned yesterday that I built a small CLI application to post tweets, but that is neither efficient nor convenient. I'd like to share information about building things, the projects I'm working on, and articles I find interesting. But it is becoming a chore to do.

Maybe that's not a bad thing, but as an IndieHacker, I definitely don't want to cut off a potential marketing and sales channel. Perhaps, with a little more time, I can build out some better automation tools to continue tweeting and sharing content about what I build and learn. But right now, there's a gap in the content I share.

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    In the meantime I'm forcing myself into twitter. Just for marketing and exposure purposes. (not going well.)

    I wonder if you've heard about twurl "Twurl is a curl-like application, tailored specifically for the Twitter API."

    Also there is this one "Your personal daily digest"

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      Twitter takes a long long time. I just crossed 1000 followers last year after a good amount of time on the platform. I shifted focuses many times, though. Keep at long as you feel mentally healthy doing so.

      Thanks for the links. I didn't realize Twitter had their own curl-like app. That's cool. And I've actually been thinking about Mailbrew off and on for a few months. Might take a closer look.

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