Daysum - Week #1 - Prototype published

Last week I posted about a new domain I bought, daysum.com, to ask for feedback about potential ideas for it: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/4630e08055

Most of the people who voted, decided that a data visualization tool was the most interesting idea from the ones that I suggested.

My first weekly update is about the bare bone prototype app I just published at https://daysum.com.

It's just static HTML and JS for keeping track of events in the local storage, but that's a start.

The prototype is an experiment on the simplest data model I can come up with for storing the data required for unblocking interesting/useful visualizations. I ended up creating two main entities: event and category. Using these two entities, and some simple aggregations, I would be able to create at least:

  • bar charts
  • line graphs
  • pie charts
  • counters

I think the next step would be for sure to work one of these visualizations based on the data stored in the model.

What do you think should be the first visualization I implement in the app?

Disclaimer: I'm not sure I'm going to be able to keep the streak for long. This is just a hobby project of mine and I'm almost sure I'll grow tired of it in a couple of weeks or so.

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