DealFeed - Discover Content Websites For Sale - Beta Launch

I've been buying, growing, and selling content-based websites since 2008 and run a dedicated website/newsletter about website flipping over at The Website Flip. The most time-consuming aspect for me daily is sourcing deal flow to acquire.

That's why I built DealFeed.io. DealFeed is a tool that aggregates content sites for sale from major website brokers all in one place in real-time. The tool is free to use and will remain that way.

Major brokers include Empire Flippers, Motion Invest, Investors.Club, FE International, Flippa, and several others.

Why is DealFeed Needed?

This tool was built out of a problem I have had for over 12+ years in the industry: spending too much time finding sites for sale. Here are a few reasons why the tool is needed:

  1. Save Time: it can take hours a week (or for me daily) to discover content sites for sale. Each broker has their own schedule when they publish listings and the structure in which they notify (some have a backend and some use email). DealFeed is the one-stop shop.

  2. Organized Search: DealFeed organizes the data into the important metrics (monetization, niche, price, multiple, description). This allows you to compare sites for sale between different brokers while saving time.

  3. Up-To-Date Listings: When brokers update listings (price changes, multiple changes, etc), they do not notify their audience. This means many deals may start as a “poor” deal (i.e., high valuation), but over time the price may be reduced to make it more appealing. DealFeed tracks these updates in real-time.

What does DealFeed enable?

DealFeed.io is a free tool that allows you to:

  • Filter deals based on monetization strategy, niche, broker, list price, revenue, profit, and multiple
  • Combine filters to narrow down the deal flow to meet your investment criteria
  • Each listing is standardized across the board; no more randomly organized data from each broker
  • Listings are kept up to date multiple times a day; if the price changes, DealFeed knows

For more details, read the launch article here

What's Next for DealFeed?

1. DealFeed Signals

DealFeed Signals is a set of proprietary algorithms, that I’ve developed, to tag certain listings based on a specific set of criteria.

Examples include tagging New Listings that just hit the market so you can be the first to review the deal. Another example is if the price changes, DealFeed can tag so that you can be the first to react if the seller reduces their valuation.

2. DealFeed Analytics

I have so much planned for this tool. My goal is to democratize access to buying online businesses and for that to happen, there needs to be analytics available for investors. This includes past comparable sales, trends, and much more.

3. DealFeed Notifications

This feature is still in the planning stages. At a high level, you can pick your specific criteria, and be notified via email of websites for sale. This allows you to subscribe to our email list to keep tabs on listings from all brokers. Easy and saves time!

4. And much more!

I personally use this tool and thus will always be developing it further.

Check It Out!

Thanks for reading! Make sure to check out DealFeed.io and our launch article here

If any questions, feedback, comments, please let me know!

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