Decentralized publishing platform where you can get paid to write about crypto

Hi All,

I've been working on https://prologe.press, a platform that allows readers to request and fund crypto articles. Writers can submit their proposals and have the opportunity to earn ETH.

We're still bootstrapping everything. At the moment, we're funding articles ourselves.

We're building the smart contract infrastructure necessary to decentralize the process. The decentralized version should be deployed by the end of the month.

Want to channel your inner writer and give a go at one of the calls for articles? We're currently funding the following topics:

  1. A complete guide of hiring in DeFi: employee vs freelance vs grant distribution (💰 0.025 ETH in rewards)

  2. Crypto and the unbanked (💰 0.050 ETH in rewards)

  3. Top 100 DeFi projects + mapping (💰 0.020 ETH in rewards)

  4. Censorship resistant information guide (💰 0.015 ETH in rewards)

Submit your article before the deadline & get the opportunity to earn ETH.

Learn more about participation conditions & how it works here: https://prologe.press/faq

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