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Decided f*** it, made my alpha public

I started building my SaaS in Bubble in June. I'm a non-technical founder, so there was some ramp up time learning no code tools but I'm nearly complete with alpha testing. Then had a ton of friction with new sign ups.

It was easy to get people who knew me to sign up with a link. But as word has been spreading, people further removed from me were getting stuck/distracted/losing interest.

I had a very manual process where people had to contact me to request access, then I would email them a link, then they would follow the link and create an account.

After having five new inquiries get stuck this week, last night I impulsively decided f*** it and I made the alpha public. I'm offering a year of free access for alpha testers and am going to switch to a paid beta in January.

It worked! I got a new signup within minutes.

With all that dopamine, I decided to publish my pricing page too and I'm sending out quotes for the higher price "coaching" plan today.

I now have 27 alpha testers in all, 5-10 of whom are active users, and depending on how these proposals go I'm hoping for $500-1,000 MRR starting in January.

If you're looking to grow things a bit and are wary, I'd encourage you to try building in public and see what happens :)

P.S. if you're curious you can try out my CRM for self-employed and early stage founders. It's super simple and helps you keep track of your deals. Sign up here—it's public!

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    Just wanted to share I've gotten a few more sign-ups since then!

    I'm in the process of re-launching my marketing site, honestly a bit amazed how people are finding the product and signing up based on what's listed there.

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