Decided to sell my SaaS music web app

I've decided to sell EPK Builder, a web app I've been working on since 2019.

What is EPK Builder?

EPK Builder is an Electronic Press Kit (EPK) builder builder for bands, musicians and other creative artists.

I had my first customer back in June 2019 and I’ve learnt a lot working on this side project; from sales, interacting with customers and integrating Stripe payment.

But I’ve decided to sell it because growth stalled during the pandemic as gigs/events stopped. And don’t have the time to dedicate due to my job.

I’ve listed the site for sale on Flippa for anyone who’s interested. Here are some key features:

  • Makes around £50 a month via subscription service
  • Over 750 members
  • Modern frontend tech stack: Vue.js/Nuxt & Firebase
  • Healthy organic traffic (around 400 uniques a month)
  • First page on Google for phrase: "EPK Builder"
  • Site has potential for someone with the right skills and motivation. Especially when gigs start up again.

Happy to provide free support in any handover. I would love this site to find a a good new home, maybe someone who is passionate about music and helping new bands/musicians.

WEBSITE: https://epkbuilder.com/?ref=indiehackers

SALE PAGE: https://flippa.com/10764253-saas-entertainment

Any questions feel free to ask on here :-)

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    Hi Will , what is the delta between your solution and bandzoogle.com ? they are on top of you in SERP on "EPK Builder" and advertise heavily

  2. 1

    Hi Will i placed a bid , if i don't get i hope you get a good price :)

  3. 1

    2 years ago when I was running an online radio dedicated to house music I would’ve jumped on this idea :)

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