Decluttering (Day 304)

My table gets cluttered with all sorts of cables, tools, hardware wallets, cellphones, power supplies, and opened mails that I need to attend to (e.g. tax related mails). When the table gets messy, the disorganization tend to carry over to all the tasks. At some point I started sweeping everything into a box that I vow to tackle later. Then another box. I have so many stacked boxes now, I'd hate to see wasting my time going back to clean those up.

When I was doing music recording, I used to keep all sorts of cables so I can connect any equipment at all times. I still have long cables connecting to mixers in AUX to RCA, mini headphone converter/adaptors, etc., all sorts of cables I used before.

I also have lots of cluttered desktop files that I sweep under a dated desktop folder.

I want to declutter them all!!! Both non-digital and digital clutters! Instead of keeping everything, I'm going to throw away anything that I haven't touched in a year, or even shorter, and simplify my workflow instead of supporting all different types of work. I'll make this my new year goal! Safeguarding time for the most valuable work is my ultimate goal.

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    Great idea—decluttering feels great.

    I used to hoarde as well, removing a tonne of crap that I don't need or use from my home was a great decision. It feels so much... lighter?

    1. 1

      Exactly, very much lighter! ;-)

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