Podcasters April 29, 2020

Define my destiny - Help me pick my Music!!!

Eric Ryan Jones @StayingGeeky

Hey, fellow podcasters!!! I'm currently seeking feedback on 3 options I have for intro and outro music. Below are three links to three VERY rough cuts of about 20 seconds of music/audio so you can get a feel for it.

Please take a listen and then comment here with your favorite and tell me why! I'm really curious to know what the music makes you think about, feel, etc.

For those playing for the first time, the podcast is Fired Before Christmas and is all about unemployed individuals and resources to help them. My goal is to humanize the hiring experience through personal stories, education, and encouragement.

Click to Play Option 1

Click to Play Option 2

Click to Play Option 3

  1. 1

    I like Option 1 and Option 3. In my opinion Option 3 is the best fit, because it has a certain positive vibe to it. Option 1 sounds a bit monotonous.

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