Ideas and Validation September 25, 2020

Demo or Sign Up?


Beginning phases of your software. It's 60% done. Should you have a sign up screen or a link for a demo to prevent competitors from stealing your idea?

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    It's hard to say without knowing more about what you're trying to achieve. For example:

    • Does 60% done mean it's functional to a point someone could use/give feedback?
    • How are you planning on selling this (if you are) in the future?

    More general approach/guidance would be to have a "coming soon" landing page with the following:

    • Explain problem/how you're software solves it for your customers
    • Email capture for those interested in being early testers/users

    Then reach out to everyone who put their email in, speak with them, and onboard them slowly.

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    Wouldn't competitors steal your idea when you're at 100% as well? Are you afraid that they will out-market you?

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      Yeah but at that point, I'd be better prepared?

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