February 12, 2020

Describe your Project with one sentence and one link.

Leo @LeoNeo

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    Colors & Fonts.
    A curated library of colors, fonts and resources for web developers & digital designers.

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      This looks great my friend!

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        Hey @TonnnnUK,

        Thank you so much mate . That means a lot !

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      Love the font pairings on there. Feel like not enough font resources out there never give any suggestions on how to pair them together, leaving most people in the dark.

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        Thank you @noahbradley ! I will soon update it with more fonts.

        I totally agree, there's not enough places.

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    Create business documents easily and fast.


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    eLearning (LMS) created by community platform

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    https://oneprofile.info — Create your modern personal about page for free

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    Order parts for electronics projects with one click.


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    Morpher; a 24/7/365 trading platform for stocks, crypto, commodities, and FX, with zero fees, commissions, and no middlemen.

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    Twitter, Upwork, Wikipedia, Ethereum have an orgy in the World of Warcraft & invite DAOs; a decade later, so do their children, and that goes on for a few generations...

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    🍣 gymsushi.co — Bite-sized fitness, strength & nutrition emails straight to your inbox.

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    Deprocrastination.co - Software tools and content guides to help you procrastinate less

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    TidBeats - Read & Listen to 80 Words Short News


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    Copy and paste then share your content be it text or code anywhere sharecopy.cc

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    CloudForecast (www.cloudforecast.io) is everything an organization needs to eliminate wasted cost in AWS.

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    https://joinhelm.com/ is the simplest way to share your code projects, get feedback, and see what the community of problem solvers is building.

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    Take credit cards payments, sell products and accept money from direct payment links on any website, or over SMS/WhatsApp/email.

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    create a playlist in 20 seconds w/ friends, https://tsdj.io

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    Five curated articles every week for indie makers to uplevel their businesses.

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    A web app customized for Tesla drivers’ browsers

    You can say “open browser” then “go to tslabase.com”. I also bought teslabass.com so the voice commands would work more phonetically.

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    The only solution to send notifications from your website to an iOS visitor, without creating an app yourself.


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    Single-use mentorships through open-source projects and issues

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    A simple tool for creating on-site messages and boost your website conversion.


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    HttpRider : API Client which gives you wings 🚀

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    Validate your B2B idea and recruit early adopters


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    Image Based Medical Reference Platform for Clinicians - https://www.grepmed.com

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    An online meetup group for indie hackers around the world https://hopin.to/events/indie-worldwide-meetup-february-2020

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    Unlimited Web Development for a fixed monthly fee!

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    The CV App: a mobile app that lets people create CVs without all the complicated section arrangement and shit, simple. CV.


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    Jetly.io makes email engagement easy.

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    Holfolio - A community for DIY investors to track and share their portfolios in one place

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    https://plantogether.city - A Collaborative Map Platform enabling Citizens, Planning Enthusiasts and Municipal Planners to talk, plan and learn about their communities.

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    https://oneprofile.team — Create gorgeous landing pages for just about anything.

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    A privacy-friendly, highly accurate anti-spam API for contact forms, comment systems and live chats.


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    DaftHelper - Check & Contacts New Listings On Daft.ie Automatically 24/7

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    Private audio sharing for music professionals or those aspiring to be


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    High quality Reference.Pictures for creators (mostly artists so far) to use in both studying and creating finished works.

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    Elevator - cryptocurrency price charts for your MacBook menu bar.

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    Simple and affordable website monitoring.

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    https://vreel.co - a community based stock video platform for royalty-free drone footage. (down for maintenance atm)

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    Skyhop - An automated flight log for pilots.

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    Private dream journal for getting the most out of your dreams

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    unitMeasure - unit converter for android with a focus on privacy https://www.aviparshan.com/unitmeasure/

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    Readshack — Discover, Read and Share the best Web Content.