March 23, 2019

Design Driven Marketing

Generating organic traction is getting harder everyday. What worked before ( writing long form content ) doesn't work anymore. With attention span of users declining more than ever and social media getting more visual ( insta, pinterest etc), it is very clear the digital marketing is getting skewed more and more towards rich interactive media instead of text.

We live in a world where the attention is the new oil. There are millions of pieces of content on a particular topic vying for the attention of customer online. So how do you differentiate your content marketing strategy in this new reality ?

Infographics are great way to present data, processes and information in a highly visual and engaging format. Infographics can be a great solution to fight the customer attention deficit. They work by grabbing the attention of the user with stunning imagery, data and information bytes. This is the main reason why infographics are one of the most shared categories of content on social media.

I work for Serfo Design Labs where we want to help independent makers market their products using design, so that they can focus on their core - which is making things.

If you are looking to get custom designs, you can reach out to me or if you need to get an infographic done quickly , you can check out the gig below :