January 29, 2019

Designer required for SaaS landing page


Designer required for SaaS landing page

I'm looking for a designer to convert my products landing page into something more modern and sleek.

Current page:

What I like:
https://trello.com/ (please open in incognito to see the landing page)

Please DM me if you're interested.

Updated requirements.

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    Hi Tom,

    We would love to design it for you. Check draftss.com

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    You can browse themes on https://uicard.io

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    I would love to help, please see my portfolio : http://www.mrassili.com
    And if you decide to hire me, please reach out via [email protected]

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    We can help with Manypixels - recently launched our new site :)


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    recently designed + coded landing page for:


    send an email if you want more info

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      I have seen that landing page sold for $9.99 - https://illustrations.design/

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        the website you linked sells illustrations not landing pages!

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          Contact them, see what they say

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        haha. im not going to bother defending myself from this comment cause life's too short.

        I'll let people come to their own conclusions. wegotlove

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    You could use a free landing page building tool, there is a wide range of possibilities available on producthunt. The final output looks good enough especially if you have other important expenses to cover.

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    https://www.upwork.com/fl/auksez Let me know if I could help You.

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    I'm interested. Check out my portfolio

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      I really like your icons :)

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        Thanks, Jana :)