April 9, 2019

Designer who code - Share your portfolio!


It would be interesting to know how many designers on IH also do some coding.

If you are a designer who code, feel free to share your portfolio, along with a small description of yourself and if you are open to inquiries :)


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    I am a designer, and recently just launched: https://uidea.co. I built it by myself, from scratch. Okay, it's actually pretty basic HTML, CSS, and JS. But hey, I think it's cool.

    All I have to do everytime I need to update Uidea is just typing git push. Which is awesome. Feel free to check it out, and tell me what you think.

    I am available for freelance work. So, if you need brand new or redesign your landing pages, I can help you. Thanks!

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      Nice! I'm not looking to hire specifically. I was hoping this post would get some traction and designers would get a bit of exposure here.

      Good luck! :)