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Designers and Creatives for NFT side-project

Hey there, I am a software engineer looking to get into the NFT world, by building some fun idea (potentially stupid).

I would like to create some nicely designed NFT collection but with a twist to make it interesting.. don't just want to profit from selling assets, but instead build something interesting around it, while learning a lot and having fun along the way.

Hence, I would like to partner with designer/s, creative/s and even more engineers looking to get into it.

My idea is to develop on the solana blockchain (as it seems to be the simplest learning curve). Also important to mention, THIS IS NOT A PAID JOB.

If this sounds interesting to you or just want to have a chat, please message.

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    Hey, I just posted a bit ago about a blockchain project. I'm a designer and would like to chat, shoot me an email: [email protected]

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