Designing Repeatable Cover Images for Blogposts

I’ve been working to “templatize” the cover images for our blogposts at Moonbase Labs.

My goals:
→ Visually appealing
→ Easily repeatable yet varying in style
→ Consistent with our brand

What successful strategies have you found for creating repeatable cover images for your blog posts?

  1. 2

    These are really powerful icons that are going to provide evergreen value.

  2. 1

    Haha! This is actually one of the long-term problems I'm working on solving with Social Remix. Still in the infancy of trying to crack that nut... but we'll get there eventually.

    I think your biggest challenge is the illustration. That's going to take custom work every time. Unless you sat down and had your designer knock out a crap-ton of icons to have ready-to-go for any blog post topic, then it's going to be time-intensive creative process every time.

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