Growth April 6, 2020

[Detailed Steps] How to Find Fresh Questions On Quora For Any Topic

Tejas Rane| T-Shaped Marketer & Author @tejas3732


There are thousands of questions on Quora. Some are old & trending, while some are very fresh & could trend in the future depending upon the Question.

In this blog post, I will share with you how you can find fresh questions on Quora for any topic so that you can make a list of them & start answering them.

The Filtering Method Process

Go to Search your keyword. Let me take an example of this.

Let’s search for the keyword “market”

Search for keyword market & hit enter. You will see this.


Now, click on Questions as I have highlighted here. Then Filter by Time. Use Past Hour & Other filters available.

I have clicked on Past Hour.

I get a range of questions that have been added in the past hour. Now notice the first question. It has around 10 followers.

Now I wanted to dig in, I check the stats & logs of that question & come to know that this can be a very good question that I can answer. See the screenshot below.


View Stats & Logs. You will get all the stats for that particular question. When I check, I come to know that there are no answers for that question but more than 10 followers.


So using this method, you can search for fresh questions on Quora & Start Answering.

There’s one more method, where you can find fresh answers being written on Quora.

The Search Operator Method to Find Fresh Answers.

Simply use the following operator:- “your keyword” +

Then Under Tools, Filter by Past hour or Past week.


So this is how you can find fresh answers on Quora as well. But majorly, you should use a fresh question method because that is what is going to be more useful rather than checking the fresh answers.

I just wanted to point out the methods you can do both of them.

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Thanks for reading.