Developer Partner Needed

Hello, i am looking for a developer to finish a project i have. I have source code to a prototype of my idea but it needs many fixes to get user friendly.
The idea is a app which allows users to add their notes into the app and the app creates a list of questions testing you on your knowledge, i know this idea can generate a lot of interest i just need help getting to the finish line, would their be anybody interested in helping with the project?

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    Hey, are you still looking? If yes, please share current status and your requirements.


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      Yes i am still looking, at the moment the project is in the proposal stage, i have a demo for a prototype version, but need help implementing the additional features i would like to make it stand out. Hopefully you would like to come on board, that would be brilliant!

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        • What's your tech stack?
        • How do you plan to get the user validation?
        • Plans for marketing and revenue generation?

        Feel free to drop email at [email protected]

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    Hi Jekoman, that's an interesting idea you're pursuing. Would love to collaborate and help you get to the finish line. What's your email? Alternatively you can get in touch with me at [email protected]

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      Hey, i tried to message you, but didn't get a reply, i am still looking for a developer, if you are interested let me know

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        I just saw it and responded :)

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    Hey Jekoman, happy to collaborate on your idea. Please share your email ID or you can send me your contact details on [email protected].

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    Hey Jekoman, I am a Python developer, let's connect. v1shwa [at] yahoo .com

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    Which language you are using in the backend?

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        Ah! I could help if it was PHP.

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          We could rebuild it in Php if you are up for it??

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            This comment was deleted 2 months ago.

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