January 30, 2020

Developers - where do you go to learn about developer tools?

Adam Miedema @armgitaar

As a developer, where do you go to learn about new tools that help you do that thing you do?

HN? Dev.to? Medium?

As I learn to advance my own development skills past extreme-newbie, I'd like to find resources that I can take a look at to keep a pulse on what helpful tools are out there.

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    https://toolsdb.dev is pretty righteous.

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      That is a pretty handy resource, thanks for sharing! I think I'll highlight it in my vlog.

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      Hadn't heard of this before, it's great 🙌

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    Twitter, podcasts (shoutout to syntax.fm), reddit, colleagues at work, stackoverflow, blogposts, ...

    Another good one is conferences. Most conferences post the talks online after the conference. What I like to do is go over the agenda of the conference and look for things I'm not familiar with and either read the official documentation or watch the talk. You can also follow the speakers of conferences on twitter, most of them post cool stuff.

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      Thanks for sharing the podcast!

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    Hi Adam,

    Aside from the great options you and others in the comments have already mentioned. I would suggest deciding what you will focus on, be it frontend or backend, a specific language or framework, and join slack groups that pertain to that choice. Or groups of local tech associations.

    For example I'm in Front-End Developers of Miami and Palm Beach Tech Association (just to name 2) and in the channels people are constantly talking about new things or ways of learning them.

    Also people are usually very open to helping new devs with questions and good practices.

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    Medium.com is a pretty good resource. They're recommendation engine is really at exposing you to new tools. Also Meet Ups are an amazing source

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    1. My colleagues
    2. Videos
    3. Any tutorial/article or stackoverflow for tips and tricks

    For a beginner, seeing someone good at something and doing it in front of you is the best school ever.
    Once you're good, you Google things for tips, tricks and debug.

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      Very true! I've had co-workers patient enough to show me how to do something. Others that would only use terminal and speed through everything. I think that person was just punking me though. ;-)