Developing a site builder tool

For my product, Toko (a site like Shopify for creating an online store), I know that I need to develop either a template customisation system or a full blown website editor such as Wix or Webflow.

Does anyone here have any experience with something like this; I know it's a very niche topic, however I hope that there might be someone on here who has some experience on the subject.

My original (probably very unoptimised) solution was to literally just keep a HTML file associated with the site in the database, and then render that in the area I need.
This brings up the problem of multi-page sites, as routing to every page and such will definitely be an issue.

A solution that definitely seems much more feasible to me, is a templating system. I create a large array of templates that users can customise.
I then save this in a HTML file as I did above, however because of the templating system, URL routing among other problems may be eased.

Would love to hear you opinions and ideas

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    Took us 22 months on https://versoly.com/ full time with 2 founders :)

    It is a long hard path.

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      Very nice product you have put together!
      I have an idea of the path I think I'm going to take, however if I could ask you one question, it'd be, how did you manage to work in a multi-page system. This is the one bit I haven't the slightest clue how I'll even do it

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