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After seeing the number of subscribers of some of the most popular products in the Upcoming section of PH have I figured I would try it out to validate interest and practice copywriting while I'm building.

It was pretty hard to figure out what generates interest in Upcoming as the style and copy for the products with the most subscribers vary wildly. For example here is the #1 , #2 and another one. One is super vague in explaining the product and the others are pretty specific but all have massive interest.

I wasn't too sure what to go for but I tried my best and you can see my post here.

Please let me know if it's any good and feel free to subscribe or DM me if you're interested in the product!

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    My only recomendation is it would be good to have an image/ mock up/ prototype. So we can compare better to the current tools you mention e.g. Notion

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      That makes sense. I do have one mockup as the background image and I agree it's hard to see behind the text. I'll work on creating some more mockups to display for PH! Thank you for your input @Janinah! :)

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    Hi Naomi, you have a missing "for" in the title:
    A space [for] to you create, organize, and own your data, offline.

    I think the text itself is quite explanatory, although personally, I haven't used Notion or Airtable, so I only have a vague sense of what your product would be.

    Good luck!!

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      Hello @JasperSch1!

      OMG, I cannot believe I missed that! I just corrected it, appreciate your eyeballs. :)

      I'm glad you get the value proposition! Interesting. What apps (if any) do you use for productivity then if you don't mind me asking?

      Thank you and thanks again for catching my silly typo!

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        I do use Evernote, which works well offline. But I don't know whether that's comparable to those other options

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          Okay got it! Evernote is compared to Notion for note taking frequently, but I won’t have the technical chops to build that for a while. 😅 Thank you for the feedback though!

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