Did you pay to become Stripe Verified Partner?

Hi everybody!

I'm Marie, co-founder of Tally (the simplest way to build forms, for free).

We offer payment forms to our users with a Stripe integration. I was looking into becoming a Stripe verified partner to get listed in the partner gallery (and reach new customers).

To become a verified partner Stripe asks for an annual fee of $250. Did anyone join the partner program and would you recommend it?


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    I was interested but Stripe couldn’t really explain the benefits to me or provide even an estimate of the traffic and sales I could expect from the listing so I didn’t bother.

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      Thanks for sharing Kyle!

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    Hey @MarieMartens - would love an update! Did you end up joining the partner program. We're on the fence as well with our company, Sync Inc.

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      Hi Eric, we didn't do it in the end. Might still change our mind in the future, but I was not convinced that it would be a great lead source..

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        Thanks for closing the loop. Tally looks fantastic! Keep it going 🙌

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    I've been thinking about the same for my App, So also keen to hear on the experiences of others.

    My service is free so the $250 a year is a bit much. Although I do plan to add a pro plan in the future.

    I'm torn between just doing it and holding off.

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      Hi David, same here! We launched our Pro plan, but doubting as well

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