Digital Adoption Tools for SaaS - Do they really work?

I have been trying to integrate a walkthrough / product tour for a SaaS that I have been building.

There is a small learning curve where the users (content writers, editors, teachers, etc) have to understand how they can manage content, use the editor, publish content, customization settings etc.

There are ideally 3 flows (pretty basic) that the user has to learn.

I basically have three options to drive adoption once the user has logged in -

  1. Product tour (the typical next, previous cards)
  2. Video Explanations in the help center
  3. Checklist of 3 flows (series of product tours)
  4. Knowledge base (notion, gitbooks etc) with screenshots etc

Personally, I always skip product tours and later wonder how a particular thing works.
Video Explanations are time consuming - I need to remember what I see and then try out in the product
Knowledge bases are outdated - No time to go through every doc for the flow.

Are they needed for every SaaS irrespective of the complexity of the product?
How have you solved for digital adoption?
Are there more engaging and interactive ways to drive digital adoption?

Any help is appreciated.
Thank you

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    PS: Also, are there any free and open source digital adoption tools that you know of? I have not come across any strangely.

    1. 2

      And I don’t think you will as they are complex things to build and they need to have a great Ui or they do more harm than good.

      I use usetiful.com and it definitely helps with conversion and user stickiness.

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        Thank you. Makes sense. I have a few questions on best practices to increase user adoption. Open for a discussion?

        1. 2

          Email is in my profile

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      https://produktly.com/ Produktly offers a free tier, it's the same product as paid tiers, but has some limitations on monthly tour triggers and number of product tours you can have.

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