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Digital marketer needed for a real estate investing info product(blog + tools)

Hi All,

Looking for an experienced digital marketer to start a 1-3 month project and if results are there then for a longer project.

I started a real estate investing education blog with high-quality content and a couple of accompanying tools at https://rehacks.io. I want to increase traffic to the blog and collect email subscribers.

I tested it initially and the conversion from small traffic spikes(from reddit mainly) was about 20-30% so now I want to increase the traffic with an expert's help so I can focus on the content.

Required Experience
Broad experience with different marketing strategies to brainstorm a plan. Eg- Social media marketing, Reddit, SEO, Paid Ads et

Should be able to execute also besides proposing a strategy.

Real estate investing experience is a huge plus.

The goal for the project is to get at least 1000 subscribers in the first month. Right now have about 60 since I launched a week or two ago.

To be the best fit for this project you need:

Ability to communicate clearly and set expectations
Dedication to meet project deadlines in a timely manner
Knowledge of all marketing channels like Reddit, Hackers News, Indiehackers, Facebook, Instagram, Search Ads etc
Attention to details
Willingness to sign an NDA

If you are interested in this project, please email me at [email protected]. Looking for someone asap!

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    I don't get why you never even cared to respond to people who emailed you?

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