April 3, 2019

Digital Nomads: How do you find places to stay?

Tone @TonyMaguire

I'm interested in travelling in Asia and Europe for the next year or so whilst working at the same time.

What sites would you recommend for finding accommodation (6+ weeks at a time). Obviously I've seen hostels and Airbnb, but Airbnb is quite expensive and I'm interested in more private living than hostels can provide (e.g. apartments, beachside villas etc.).

I've used Google to find a few places but are there any sites that have listings centralised?


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    Hi Tony,

    I was travelling through SouthEast Asia for the past few months. I'd suggest you to use Booking.com or Agoda.com while travelling Asia.

    The hack I was using for longer stay was booking an accomodation for a day or two in the spot I wanted to stay, rented a scooter and driving around places to find something which looked good through me.

    iex. On Koh Lanta in Thailand where average for beach front for a good place was around 100$/night we managed to find a beach front room with a balcony with breakfast included for 50$. Their rating on Booking was around 7 which was pretty low, but I went to dozen places within 2 hours and this was the best place. I would rate it for sure 9.0. So this way you can find some good gems. ;)

    With most owners/hotel managers who advertise through Booking/Airbnb you can also make better deals offline (10-20%) especially if you pay cash in advance. This way you can save a lot of money and find the good accomodation you want to stay long.

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      Thanks, super helpful! Hadn't heard of Agoda before, will check it out. I found a company called Nomadrental.com who seem to be offering the type of thing I'm looking for. My only hesitancy is that I don't always know if I'm getting the best deal, so I always prefer to go to the owner/manager directly if possible. Will try booking/agoda.


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        As mentioned, book an accommodation for a day or two and wander around for a day. You will quickly get a feel where do you want to stay and then negotiate your accommodation (you will most probably get a better price as well).