April 6, 2020

DigitalOcean sponsored Apex today!

Matt Dizak @mdizak

I'm so happy. Woke up today to find an e-mail in my inbox from DigitalOcean informing me that they're sponsoring Apex at https://apexpl.io/

It's only a $250 credit to my account, but I don't care, it's DigitalOcean!

Wow, has this ever been a long and hard journey. I put over two years of my life into Apex, went suddenly and totally blind 3.5 years ago, was deported from SE Asia, was separated from my dogs of 7 years at the border, my family misplaced their love for me with fear and worry while constantly yelling at me that I just don't get it, and the list goes on. I stuck my head down, re-trained myself as needed, and got Apex done, and I did it blind, 100% audio based.

This is some pretty sweet validation. I'll be smiling for days. :)

Oh, and if you ever need a quality membership based online operation setup, check out Apex at https://apexpl.io/. It's very solid software, it's open source hence totally free, and I'm always around and happy to help without charge via e-mail at [email protected]. Don't hesitate.

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    sweet. i actually just moved over from their shared hosting to one of their dedicated servers today. We were having a lot of performance issues (probably from noisy neighbors). Its buttery smooth now.

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    This is so cool man! Have you built an email list?

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    Congrats! good work and keep it up 🍀

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    Congrats on the great work! You're a kind soul and deserve every success!

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    Your light cannot be dimmed. Congrats, keep up the good work!