Directory of APIs that we can leverage for Job Boards.


Building and growing a job board without an audience is a huge problem. So I am thinking about how can I grab my target audiences' interest with extra services and so-called "bread-crumbs".

So I thought I can focus on APIs. There is a tonne of APIs we can leverage to deliver more value to our customers. Here I will share some of those APIs I found and feel free to share yours in the comments below so we can build a solid directory of services and APIs we can use for our job boards.


  1. Airtable API: I am using Airtable as database. For me it's dead simple and easy to maintain.

Job Offers

  1. Adzuna API: They offer partnerships, so you can deliver their listings and earn money by CPC. If you are partner, you get unlimited API calls.
  2. Github Jobs API: You can bring Github Jobs to your website with it.
  3. Glasdoor API: This way, you can have more in-depth company information but sadly their API is not public. You need to apply for it.
  4. RemoteOK API: Free API from RemoteOK for hundred's of job listings.


  1. Algolia API: I am not a top-notch dev. So Algolia helps me to query my website and help my audience search without problems.

I will try to keep this directory updated when I run into new APIs for job boards. Feel free to share what you use and for what purpose. This way we can share our expertise and knowledge from different niches :)

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    Hello...I am working on a new project related to jobs..

    here are some API's from my private files that may help you .


    simply hired

    Google Cloud Jobs
    The Google Cloud Jobs API allows developers to integrate machine learning based job search functionality with third-party applications.

    Remote Jobs



    *** In addition , you may want to consider the impact that covid is having on traditional job interviews , many employers are seeking to limit direct contact...many find video conferencing to be the solution to this problem

    Here's something that could help with that .

    File uploader widget for resumes
    Works with any server-side platform (Google App Engine, PHP, Python, Ruby on Rails, Java, etc.) that supports standard HTML form file .

    PHP library that fetches the social accounts, website, name, photos, employment history and other details possible for the user by their email.

    1. 1

      That's amazing. I will pull those tools the post after I got through them :)

  2. 1

    Thanks. Any API recommendations you have for bringing in resumes? Free would be nice but would be interested in knowing reasonably inexpensive paid ones that are good for tech type resumes.

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