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Freelancing is tough business. There are many ups and downs, finding new clients is challenging, the administrative activities overwhelming, and it can be a really lonely journey.

I have personally spoken to hundreds of freelancers, and found that many of them still struggle with their financial goals. They find it hard to build a network of collaborative peers and they also crave a structured space and resources to learn and grow their skills.

As part of my freelancing startup (Ravenry - www.theravenry.com), I'm planning to invest in building up a community that allows experienced freelancers to network, share deals, learn from each other and have access to high quality learning resources. We are currently looking to run several experiments for this community, and we are keen to find freelancers who want to be a part of this journey with us.

Some of the things we will be testing for this community:

  • A structured Freelancer Masterclass run by successful freelancers covering topics such as sales strategy, pricing, project management, and client relationship management.
  • A freelancer community with clear working cadence, resources, and support. This can hopefully become a flexible infrastructure for those who want a semblance of regularity in their week, a way to build accountability, and a place to build meaningful relationship with peers.
  • Access and sneak peeks into our new products and solutions that can help freelances scale their business without being dependent on platforms or marketplaces.

Our short term goal for this community is to help everyone increase income by at least USD 1,000 reliably within 3 months.

We will start with a limited space so that we can really focus on helping the right people, while iterating on our content, community, and freelancer solutions.

Currently, we are looking for experienced (3+ years in the field) freelance content writers, consultants, coaches, trainers, designers who spend >20 hours per week freelancing.

Feel free to drop me an email if you are keen to join us in this exploration. :)

  1. 1

    Hi @Raven001

    I'd be very interested in joining in on this :) What would be the best email address to contact you on?

    P.S I did check out your site, but only found an '[email protected]' email address

  2. 1

    I like the idea, as a freelancer.

    What about framing as Indie Hackers / Makerpad for freelancers and agencies?

    Share success stories, failures, transitions from freelance to agency, productized service ideas with other freelancers.

    1. 1

      That a great idea actually. I do wonder why the freelancer community here is not as strong. Thoughts?

      As part of the launch of the community, we are planning to run a 5-8 episode/firechat masterclasses with experienced freelancers to share their best practices, stories, etc.

      And we are definitely planning to help the freelancers productise their services so they can truly scale. :)

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