Discover trends for content creators

Earlier this year a few friends and I were working on some projects that involved a lot of content creation in the youtube/twitch space.
We ended up getting pretty deep in the content research aspect and finding trends, so we thought that we could make something useful to content creators.

We first made a report on a big trend with lots of data and examples:

Then, more recently, we are trying to cover smaller, weekly trends:

Do you think it's something that delivers value?

We are considering growing as a newsletter, or maybe creating a software product around it, and I would love to hear IH thoughts on this.

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      I have seen it, it's pretty cool, reminds me of similar trend spotting companies like Exploding Topics (https://explodingtopics.com) and Glimpse (https://meetglimpse.com).

      I like them a lot, but we wanted to do something more specific and dive deeper into the video content creation trends.

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    Maybe an interesting SaaS play could be showing the video upload trend for certain keywords in a specific vertical?

    IMO I feel like you'd need to niche down to make it more appealing to a specific audience.

    1. 2

      Thanks a lot for the suggestion! Displaying data such as video upload and possibly more information is an interesting idea.

      We are trying to focus on the twitch and youtube space, which is primarily gaming related, but maybe we could niche down more.

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