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Distributed: How remote teams stay in sync

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    Hey all Distributed is a live social chat app on the Web and Mobile which helps you stay connected with your friends, team and colleagues at work. We initially built this as a demo of our API development platform but it turned into something much more. We spend 2-3 hours on it everyday and thought it might be useful for others too.

    It looks like a combination of slack and video. Your icon appears as a small bubble at the top of the screen to create the notion of "presence", you then have the choice to enable video and mic or just listen. For the most part the text based chat is just a way to share links and interesting content while chatting over voice. We've purposely limited group sizes to under 24 and kept everything private by default.

    The experience is best on the web. Head directly to https://distributed.app for that and let us know what you think.

    Note: just hacking away at some bugs on the android app related to creating groups and sending invites. All the source code for both web and mobile can be seen on https://github.com/m3o/distributed and https://github.com/m3o/distributed-mobile

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