May 8, 2019

Diving into SaaS product #3 in 6 months

Scott Ramsay @scottramsay

So the last couple of weeks I have been deciding to build a web app that I've been wanting to do before I started coding many years ago.

It's going to be the biggest and probably most technical project yet, but excited to be able to take knowledge from the last couple apps and try get it done in half the time! Third times the charm... right?

Are there any solo indie hackers on here continuing to release products in hopes one will bite? What's your story with success/failures?

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    Go get it. Good luck.

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      Thanks Josh!

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    This is something I keep preaching. The whole "Third Times a Charm" theory has some clout because usually the culmination of everything you've learned and seen up until this point, consciuolsy and sub-consciously, has festered and bubbled up enough to where you have enough material to create a completely unique "thing" that might cut through the static.

    It's a fine balance between thinking​ aboutthe new​w idea and bringing​ the pieces floating around in your head together.

    Sound like​ you might have that really cool thing. But like with all new things they willneed​d to be fostered and fed. You're​ dad now...

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      Good way to put it Steve! Fingers crossed there's some success with this one. How are your ventures going?

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        If you need help developing your concept/ideas/etc. let me know. My project is focused on this aspect of building cool things in a collaborative​ way. WOuld you be open to taking​ a look?

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          Hi Steve, sorry for the delayed reply! I'm hoping to share more details about the product soon. It's essentially a web builder for musicians :) I'll give you a shout!