Do ex founders make great employees?

I have a core idea here "founders are one of the most passionate people you'd ever meet and other small start ups need passionate employees."

Creating a marketplace that joins both worlds seems like an Amazing project to embark on.

Would love to get your feedback.
Are you an Ex founder?
Are you Hiring?
Would you be interested in Hiring an Ex founder?

Do ex founders make great employees?
  1. Yes
  2. No
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    I've done many things on my own and still got back to "9-5" dev job. The only difference is I don't tolerate BS and terrible company culture anymore.
    Dev Founders after building their own thing can be exhausted and may want a calm place where they will be doing what they love most – creating things. Until they are ready for the next adventure. During that period they will be happy to do their work.

    Although they will not fall for this "loyalty" propaganda and won't work 24/7. But that doesn't mean they will do a bad job – they know more about work/rest balance and know how to produce great stuff, without being overworked.

    so TLDR:
    "it depends" but for a period of time the answer is "yes", ex-founders make a great employees

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      valid point, It will be based on both parties abilities to tolerate each other here

      Can the employer tolerate the search for independence from the ex founder and can the employee tolerate being told what to do?

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        Look, it is not all black and white. Even though I have my own thing, I am still excited about what I am working on during my 9-to-5. As I said – I love coding, and I love those challenges. I have plenty of experience that I am happy to apply to solving tasks for my employer. They actually embrace the entrepreneurial spirit and totally okay with side projects.

        Again, I am talking more about dev jobs and here is one very specific thing about it: great developers are curious. Curious about technologies and they want to try tech things that they can't apply at work at this moment. So side projects are a good sign. It is a learning exercise.

        I would be more worried about a developer who doesn't give a s--t about his/her skills and about learning new things.

        If it happens that developer managed to monetize their side project – good for them. They will get experience in that too. That applies mostly for smaller teams and companies. I think for bigger companies it will be a bit different. Being a cog there is more important.

        When I was resting from my own journeys I actually enjoyed being told what to do, guidance and was doing my best in my role without having to think 24/7 about the direction to take.

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          Exactly it has two sides to it

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    yes. I like the idea.
    would love to chat dor -at- dorkalev.com

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    I was a bit torn between voting yes or no, I have been self employed for ages now and just recently started working as a 1099 for an agency just for $. I bring a ton of ideas to the place and they are very receptive but in a more traditional environment they wouldn't even want me. Anyone that has started their own business is generally a poor fit in a large slow moving organization. Would I hire a former founder? Absolutely, because I get it but for someone just looking for a square peg to go into a square hole it's often a mistake.

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      i have to say i agree as an Experiment i took a job as a growth and community manager for a new start up, Me being used to start things out scrappy and doing unscalable things really showed. The first growth tactic i applied (Comment "spamming" ) was absolutely frowned against saying "its no way to go for a web3 project" Personally i feel extremely restricted to what i can experiment with.
      They seem to want more of a BIG COMPANY marketing and spending on influencers and all

      Me being not so financially bouyant i always never spend on marketing and instead optimize for Word of mouth and just doing some basic free partnerships

      So truly Ex founders might not make great employees

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    If I can, I would only hire bootstrappers who make side projects. There is no better experience to have than making a startup on your own.

    PS. do you validate any idea?

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      Validate this idea?

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        What do you want to do?

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          I'm thinking of starting something around this

          Are you also thinking of doing the same?

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            Yeah, write to me DM via Twitter, you can find on my profile.
            I've got a lot of experience with projects like that.

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    It depends on the company culture and the role. People who have done their own thing probably don't want to be told what do do.

    "A taste of freedom can make you unemployable." - Naval

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      True this Once you have done your own thing its kind of though to then be under someone

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