April 11, 2019

Do I engage with a startup advisor who found me on LinkedIn?

Jim Hall @jimbol

So I have recently been contacted by a guy on LinkedIn who is from a company which appears to consult for startups. This sort of thing, "Plan and advise growth hacking strategies for entrepreneurs. "

Do I engage? Is this something valuable? Is he just going to try and take my money?


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    I'd be careful. I get a lot of those emails. It doesn't mean they are scammers, it is one way people make sales.

    If the person has been the one to contact you, do you really need their service?

    If you feel like you do, then fine, do you feel like the guy is genuine? How can you know/tell?

    Why not compare it to something an indie hacker here could potentially offer you?

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      Yea, I'm glad I asked.

      I think I'll take his feedback as long as it's free and I'll be upfront about the fact so he doesn't rely on having me as a client.

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        My biggest concern is the different approach. 'Indie hackers' are different from startups, which means a different mindset/approach is needed. Would said person have that right mindset about the indie way?

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          Hmm, they might suggest I bee-line towards investors and exit strategies, when really what I want is a small sustainable business that I own.

          Thanks for the warning.

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    Stay away! Legitimate advisors are in short supply, they aren't cold calling on LinkedIn. I'd bet this person is using a buck-shot approach, trying to get equity in as many companies as possible without doing any work.

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    My advice would be to stay away - and I say that as someone who does occasionally do consulting for founders/startups.

    Chances are - especially if they want to consult for you on growth - that they will be a waste of time and money if they’ve reached out to you and you don’t already have a good idea of what value they will deliver you ;)

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    Maybe he liked your product and offered genuine help?
    I did that for free for 2 products I loved.

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    Of course he’ll try to take your money. Question is, do you want to pay him?

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