Community Building April 7, 2020

Do podcasts spark you to act?

Danny Chu @helloimdanny

Fantasy football and building companies are two big parts of my life. I am a part of communities that helps me exercise my passion and push me to be the best fantasy footballer or entrepreneur.

Fantasy Footballers and How I Built This are two of my favorite podcasts. Quite different in topic, but personally, they are so addicting for 1 specific reason: every episode pushes me to take an actionable step.

Whether it's as small as adjusting my weekly lineup with a Waiver Wire pickup or something as complex and heavy as re-thinking why I'm even considering this product idea, every episode sparks an action from me.

What podcasts do you listen to? and why do you listen to podcasts? What are examples, if any, of podcasts that have encouraged you to ACT?

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    Not sure if it's Spark to Act, but definitely like to lister to development podcast during my workday.
    Just gives me a good understanding of new techniques, other people's visions, etc.
    And sometimes yes I think oh cool, let me try that as well.

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      mm thanks for the reply @DailyDevTips! do you feel like you resonate at all more to certain types of content that you listen to during your workday?

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        Yeah I like a tone of voice which is professional, I don't like the podcast about a specific topic, but they end up doing random shit-chat it annoys me because it's not the reason I listen to this specific podcast.

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    Oh yeah, all the time! Especially the entrepreneurship ones.

    Just last week when I was listening to the Rob Fitzpatrick IH Episode - at the halfway point he gave an example that was really relevant to me (I don't even remember now) and it sent my mind thinking about it. 5 minutes later I realized I had actually zoned out the podcast so I had to stop, write down my ideas and then rewind it 😄

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      thats awesome! appreciate you sharing that moment. not that we should rely on purely outside sources to influence us to act, but i love that you have levels of trust in certain outlets to make decisions throughout your day. is rob Fitzpatrick somebody that you looked up to previously?

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        Yeah, in that case I had read his book - The Mom Test - and I was looking forward to hearing the episode. But serendipitous moments like this happen to me with all sorts of podcasts.

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    I'm also a big fan of both Fantasy Footballers & How I Built This. I listen to a TON of podcasts throughout my day. A bunch of them motivate me daily/weekly and I have learned a ton from all of them.

    I love how personal podcasts feel. To me, it's like having a "one-way mentor(s)" you get to continuously learn from.

    Some of my favorites right now are...

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      Thanks for the Build your SaaS shoutout. 👍

      I also like Noah Kagan's podcast. I just published this response video to his latest episode here:

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      Thanks for sharing these! I look forward to giving them a listen.

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      awesome stuff. and great analogy on how you view podcasts as a mentor. can you share some specific actions that you've taken from your "mentors"?

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    currently i'm not listening to any podcasts actively... except @schoon's new show. i'm going to have to re-up to a few of them!

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    All the podcasts I listen to are business related in some way.
    Podcast topics: startups, trends in tech, apparel startups (because that's the industry I'm in), market/investing, etc.
    Why I listen: Motivating/encouraging, learn new strategies, hear the stories of successful founders, etc.
    My favorites: 1) My First Million 2) GaryVee 2) Snacks Daily 4) Business Casual 5) Market Foolers 6) Tom Bilyeu, Tim Ferris, & Jordan Harbinger are some other follow ups

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      appreciate you sharing @StartupJas. I'm a fan of Tim Ferris as well!