February 1, 2020

Do you already have a personal about page?

Yusuf Qabil @qabil

Hey guys, it's 2020 and personal website and webpage are in trend. People are getting more expressive with their lives and projects, and the passion economy is on the rise.

Why an about page?

Your About Page is one of the most important web pages on your blog. Why? Because, if you get your About Page right, it will help you build a strong brand and position yourself as the go-to expert in your industry. — Neil Patel, Top 10 Marketer by Forbes

Do you already have your own about page? If you haven't, try create one with https://oneprofile.info. I built this product because current solutions that are available are either too expensive, complicated, or not beautifully-designed.

Here's my own personal page as a real life demo: https://yusuf.oneprofile.info

Some notable features of my product:

  1. Link your own custom domain

  2. Unlimited call-to-action buttons, photos, youtube embeds, google maps

  3. Add your favourite chat widget from Chatra, Drift, Crisp or Intercom to your page

  4. Embed any public Twitter timelines and Instagram Galleries to your page

  5. In-app page stats and/or use Google Analytics or Fathom Analytics

  6. Out-of-the-box contact form on your page

  7. Personal QR code generated automatically for your pages. Very useful when you're on the go meeting clients or customers. Just let them scan your code on your phone or business card and they'll immediately see it on their phone. No more 'Umm, can I type the link on your phone?'

If you're looking to create an about page for your businesses and teams, try this one: https://oneprofile.team

Hope you'll give it a try, thanks!

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    I've been following your project @qabil and I really like your simple and clean design! I feel like this project can really be a winner as more people understand the need for building a personal brand in the coming years. Cheers and all the best! :)

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      Hi, @abeykoshyitty! Thanks for kind words - I really appreciate it. And I hope you'll give https://oneprofile.info or https://oneprofile.team a try. I'll be releasing a freemium version for https://oneprofile.info soon - so, stay tuned!

      1. 1

        Yes, I hope to create a one profile soon as I have some more projects under my hood :)

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          That's great :)

          Anyway, I just made https://oneprofile.info free for everyone 2 days ago so, if you would like to create a personal about page of your own, it's completely free.

          Thanks again, @abeykoshyitty, for following my project and the well wishes :)

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            That's pretty cool @qabil. But I'm curious as to why you decided to change from your previous model. Aren't you probably missing a lot of paid customers with this new plan?

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              Hey, @abeykoshyitty, thanks for asking. Most of my paid customers have their own custom domain, they'd pay for that feature alone. Many of my users who don't have a custom domain tend to create a page but never converted.

              I needed a way to get the word out to more people. So, I figured a free plan would help to reach the friends of the free users who may potentially have a custom domain and would most likely convert to a paying customer. An about page is like a social product, so, it might probably be a good case to go free. But hey, I don't really know how it will turn out.

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                Understood :)

                Yeah, a free plan will help you get the word out for sure. The beauty of your product is that it has the ability to market itself ideally helping you get more users by word of mouth.

                I think you should include the Hotmail/iPhone tactic for users on the free plan. Something like "Made with OneProfile".

                1. 2

                  Thank you for the kind words :)

                  Yeap, did that already on the page of free plan users, thanks!