Do you build WordPress plugins? (Or want to?)

Hi folks πŸ‘‹πŸ˜ƒ

Have you ever published a premium WordPress plugin? Or a custom plugin for a client that you'd like to provide ongoing updates to?

I previously worked as a WordPress developer building custom & premium WordPress plugins.

I discovered that all the extra work that goes into selling plugins that doesn't "move the needle" on your plugin get's really painful really quickly.

Things like;

  • Licensing
  • Automatic updates
  • Sales & payment integration
  • Downloads
  • Analytics

So I started working on a project to handle this for my own plugins, and I'd really love to talk to some plugin authors or aspiring plugin authors about how I can make a product genuinely helpful for a large number of people (not just myself πŸ˜†).

How often does someone come along offering to build you exactly what you need?

So if you would like to tell me about your plugin development and publishing woes, please hit me up; either comment here, or find me on Twitter: @baffledbasti, or send me an email [email protected].

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