Do you crosspost your articles on multiple platforms?

As a developer, many of us here write blogs about programming. I have seen 3 major platforms where developers publish their articles: Medium, Dev.to and Hashnode.

Each platform has users that might be interested to read your blog. So I made a web app that makes it easier to post same article on these 3 platforms at the same time.

If this is something useful and interesting, give it a try. I would love to hear your feedbacks and improve the overall experience.

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    Cool! I mainly post on hashnode and crosspost to medium and dev but use the cli here for the job https://github.com/shahednasser/cross-post

    Good idea👍🏽

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      This is a nice CLI tool for the task. Are you willing to try my app (its free)? I am looking for some feedbacks and improve on it. Additionally looking to add some analytics too.

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        Absolutely I try it out :)

        What I am missing on the landing page is to see on which platforms I can post?
        E.g. I always post them on hashnode (initial) + dev and medium with canocial link.

        But I also post the link in some subreddits is this also possible?

        I try it out when I post the next one :)

        1. 1

          Yeah the landing page is kinda incomplete right now. I will work on it.

          Once you register, you will need to click on "Connect" on the sidebar and add api key for each platform.

          Since you post on hashnode, you can copy the hashnode url and make it canonical url from the interface in my app. Regarding subreddit, that is not possible right now but thanks for the feedback, I will try to add subredits too soon.

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    Cool that you've made this for developers. Had a friend who personally faced this issue

    1. 1

      thanks... let your friend know about this :)

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    Awesome. I'll check it out. I mostly post articles on my website and Medium. But with your tool, I'll try posting to Dev.to as well.

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    I am not developer. But your idea of website looks good to me. Keep improving.

    1. 2

      Thanks Atul. If you or someone you know is into blogging, let them know.

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    Nope. I've stopped crossposting because it is not good for SEO.

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      You can add a canonical link which solves the problem of duplicate content.

      1. 1

        Nope, don't do that.
        The canonical tag will not solve all your problems . Eventually, your original content may not appear on the search engine index at all (this is from my own personal experience during a time).

  6. 1

    Looks awesome!

    Once I get a couple of more articles published on BotMeNot's blog page, I'll have this in mind!

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