Do you feel overwhelmed with the amount of information you need to take in each day as an Indie Hacker?

I definitely do.

Whether it's learning a new coding framework, a new no code tool, a new SaaS tool to build a demo or record a podcast - we have to take in so much information each day.

That's not really even considering, reading blog posts for Growth tips, spending time on Stack Overflow, or spending time on Indie Hackers!

The problem I faced was that I realised I wasn't retaining a lot of information.

I would find myself revisiting a lot of the same docs or reference materials. I found a lot of the day is too focused on moving forward and working through my to do list.

I started to look into ways I could perform better and found a lot of resources pointing to the subject of Reflection. Classes at Harvard and Yale have been known to build in a 5-10 minute reflection period at the end of their classes and the results were pretty phenomenal.

So I built in 15 minutes at the end of every day to reflect on what I had done, what i had learned and really importantly, how I had felt that day. I gave myself a two week challenge to do it every day, at the end of the day. It really made a difference to me.

Then like a true Indie Hacker, I built a tool to help me do it. I wanted to share it with the community and open it up to anyone that wanted to try it (for free.)


It would be great to know if anyone faced the same challenges?

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    Seems like useful tool. I feel like we get much more information than we can digest. And much more than we actually need. One or two insights a day is enough to get you ahead almost everyone else.

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    I usually spare 20-30 mins a day to read through the daily newsletter and hand pick a few posts on the home page. Sometimes I just read, sometimes I'd comment :)

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